Промежуточная контрольная работа по английскому языку за 1 полугодие для 6 класса

Сухова Татьяна Яковлевна,

Учитель иностранного языка

МАОУ СОШ №4 города Алапаевска Свердловской области

Класс: 6

Предмет: английский язык


Пояснительная записка

К промежуточной контрольной работе по английскому языку для 6 класса

По итогам 1 полугодия

Цель работы: Контроль сформированности лексико-грамматических навыков, навыков чтения, письма и аудирования за 1 полугодие 6 класса

Содержание работы: Контрольная работа составлена в соответствии с требованиями, предъявляемыми к уровню подготовки по английскому языку учащихся 6 класса общеобразовательных школ, а также в соответствии с УМК под редакцией Ю. А. Комаровой, И. В. Ларионовой и К. Макбет

Структура работы: работа включает в себя задание по чтению (понимание основного содержания прочитанного), лексико-грамматическое задание (лексический выбор слова, изменение формы слова в соответствии с контекстом предложения), задание по аудированию (понимание в прослушанном тексте запрашиваемой информации), написание электронного письма (письмо-ответ).

Время выполнения работы: 1 час 20 минут (2 урока по 40 минут)

Источники, использованные при составлении работы: учебник английского языка для 6 класса под ред. Ю. А. Комаровой, “Тематические тестовые задания для подготовки к ГИА. 5, 6 класс” (Академия развития,


Критерии оценивания:











Лексика грамматика










К разделу “Письмо” применимы критерии оценивания письменного задания ОГЭ


Чтение:1).1 T, 2 F, 3 F, 4 F, 5 F, 6 T, 7 F, 8 T

Лексика. Грамматика : 2).1-learning, 2- love, 3- whole, 4- making, 5- problems, 6- teacher, 7- fond, 8- boring, 9- water, 10- summer;

3). 1- is, 2- has got, 3- brothers, 4- first, 5- their

A Удирование :4). 1- B,2-A, 3- C, 4-B, 5- C, 6- B, 7- A, 8- C


Plans for the Weekend

It’s Friday afternoon and all the workers at the shoe factory are thinking about their plans for the weekend.

Doris is going to plant flowers in her yard. Michael is going to paint his house. Tom and Jane are going to go to the beach.

Peter is going to play baseball with his friends. Rita is going to go camping in the mountains. Karen and her family are going to have a picnic.

Unfortunately, the workers at the shoe factory are going to be upset. According to the radio, it’s going to rain cats and dogs all weekend!

Промежуточная контрольная работа по английскому языку для 6 класса

По итогам 1 полугодия


1). Read the text. Circle True (T) or False (F)

Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona is from France, but he lives and works in Britain. He is a footballer. He is 27 years old and he is married. His wife is from France, too. They have a son. Eric plays for British football team. He trains from Monday to Friday. He doesn’t train on Saturdays and Sundays. He speaks English well. He likes reading books in his free time.

1. Eric Cantona is French. (T/F)

2. He works in France. (T/F)

3. He plays volleyball. (T/F)

4. Eric Cantona has two sons. (T/F)

5. His wife is from Britain. (T/F)

6. He doesn’t train at weekend. (T/F)

7. Eric Cantona speaks Spanish well. (T/F)

8. His favourite pastime is reading. (T/F)

Vocabulary. Grammar

2). Complete these sentences by using the correct word from the box. Use each word once only. There is an extra word which you do not need to use.

In a Language School

Water fond exciting whole problems love making teacher boring summer learning

Fourteen-year-old Andy, who is from Korea, lives in France. He is (1)____French and is also studying English. What’s it like for him? “I (2)________living here,” says Andy, “and I’m beginning to feel like I’ve lived here my (3)_______life and not for only four years. I’m not usually very good at (4)_____ friends, but everyone here is so nice that I’m not having any (5)_____. If I don’t understand an exercise at school, I ask the (6)____ or one of my friends to help me with it, and they always do. I enjoy most of the subjects we do at school, but I’m not very (7)_____of history. It’s a bit (8)______! Another thing I like about living here is that I’m able to do lots of (9)_____sports, like swimming and water-skiing. I’m really looking forward to my (10)______holidays this year because I want to learn windsurfing!”

3). Read the text below. Use the words given in capitals at the end of some lines to form words that fit in the spaces in the same line.

My favourite band

My favourite band(1)____Tokyo Hotel. BE

The band(2)_____four members. They’re from Magdeburg in Germany. HAVE GOT

Bill’s the singer and Tom’s the guitarist. They’re twin (3)_____. BROTHER

Their birthday is on(4)_______September. ONE

Tokyo Hotel is great. I’ve got all(5)___CDs! THEY

By Kathrin (Berlin)


4). You will hear a story about plans for the weekend. For questions 1-8 , choose the best answer A, B or C.

Plans for the Weekend

1 . Where do the workers work?

A. at the food factory

B. at the shoe factory

C. at the shirt factory

2. What is Doris going to plant?

A. flowers

B. fruit

C. carrots

3. What is Michael going to do with his house?

A. to clean it

B. to repair it

C. to paint it

4. Where are Tom and Jane going to go?

A. to the book shop

B. to the beach

C. to the market

5 . What game is Pete going to play?

A. basketball

B. badminton

C. baseball

6 . Where is Rita going to go camping?

A. in thefountains

B. in the mountains

C. in the forest

7. Who is going to have a picnic?

A. Karen and her family

B. Karen and her friends

C. Karen and her classmates

8. Why are the workers going to be upset?

A. The weather is going to be windy

B. The weather is going to be snowy

C. The weather is going to be rainy


To: my future penfriend

From: Sarah

Subject: find a penfriend


My name’s Sarah. I’m 13. I live in Madrid. I’ve got a younger sister and an elder brother.

I love sport. My favourite sport is gymnastics.

I study English and German at school. I like these subjects very much.

What about you? Do you like sport? What is your favourite subject at school?

Write soon!


5). Write an email reply to the girl. Don’t forget to answer her questions.

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